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78mm Adventures is a one of its kind alternative tourism organization in India where the central philosophy is to discover and experience nature's untouched beauty at an unrushed pace. We explore, we dream, we discover and we take you into the guided unknown. We are a team of adventurers who are our own tour leaders and we believe in providing you with the 'perfect getaway' from the concrete zoo into all embracing natural zones. We partner with you to understand and provide the experience you crave.










Our Niche Online Community is a community of like minded enthusiasts who actively interact with each other on subjects that form the core of 78mm. It is here that members share information about their trips and experiences, provide insights about interesting places to stay, eat and explore. Various itineraries are discussed and in the process a network is created. We have built a community that cares about the environment and there is open exchange on various causes and environmental issues. This niche community is gaining fast popularity among the youth and the credit goes to all the active members who provide first hand information about their explorations.








Engineering Updates

We believe in constant improvement and to that end your feedback for the design and content of our website is extremely important to us. In the works are modules for destination reviews, trip planners and map integrators for now. Your ideas help us grow!














Alternative Tourism

An overlap between eco-tourism, anti-tourism, awareness and exploration travel, adventure trips, cook out camps, creative ambience and leisure activities with an emphasis to explore the natural environment while also protecting and enhancing it. Central to its philosophy is to move away from 'mass tourism' (commercial destinations) and discover an India which has not been attacked by walls and mechanizations, to coexist with nature and explore areas where the ecological balance is yet undisturbed.










Travel - Horizons & More

Traveling is one of the most important activities we undertake. If practiced responsibly, it develops and sustains communities all over the world. Through travel, we celebrate differences, increase understanding and recognize similarities.

People who travel frequently for exploration and pleasure are usually intelligent achievers who share an adventurous spirit and take pleasure in connecting with the world. They enjoy learning about new places, new people and new cultures and they're early adopters of technology that facilitate their journeys.

However we travel and wherever we go, we are aware of the world around us. NoMads here are curious, receptive and independent, thinking for themselves and traveling responsibly. We follow classic routes and roads less traveled, seeking our own unique and authentic travel experience. We are global citizens and, more than anything else, we just love to travel.




We are a fluke. An illusion...
A passing blink in the timeline of mind's evolution
The audible clink of metal as a link in the chain breaks.
We are an audacity in the face of this raging tide of life.
We are 3 guys who lost our illusions in an open wilderness.


We are a motion blur, a constant shift of perspectives on how we view ourselves and these
interesting times that we're born in. This motion is relentlessly accelerating. Yet at the core
of this out of control merry go round of facts and fiction, is a stillness and melancholy silence
of a dust devil in a desert.


We are not who we were in the moment of our last sentence.
We shun the mind-wash of "progress" as defined by a job, a house, cars, & consumerist "growth".
We resist the idea of "settlement" in life as stereotyped by any slave.


We are flowers and thorns, both at the same time.
We are in awe of what we could have been as a species.
We re disgusted by the collective's current course in action.
We are constantly dreaming and yet we're just waking up,
to the possibilities of our generation's future as world citizens.
That future is a magnificent crystal drenched in blood and murk of techno- ideological bondage,
and the many radical ideas this endgame breeds against itself.


We are an expression of everything we think we are
We are open minds with eyes and ears tuned to the voices of our generation
We are the 7 point 8 centimeters of our middle fingers to the system of manufactured control.


We are... 78mm


Under Root

It's a universal fact that before getting even a glimpse of meaningful change, a lot of effort, pain and turmoil is required. 78 mm is just one such limitless thought process with no beginning and no end...


It was some where deep inside us since the beginning of whatever we know we are. Nothing more, nothing less... for now our attraction to forms of original and pure experience of nature and a quest to discover the dimensions of adventure, in our love towards uncertainty... is gradually turning our lives down side up....


The name was coined by a group of friends who got together because of their common affection towards things which are not accepted in any self righteous social context, which becomes too overprotective of the past to let any future inside.


The name has innumerable connotations in the minds of 78mm, but that's not the point. What matters is that this name has now become a larger than life symbol of an underlying invisible membrane through our consciousness.


Two years of MBA was like a rollercoaster in slow motion... we had enough time... to sleep... to see every possible movie in the hostel database... play every possible sport... And most important... grab on to every possible opportunity to go on an impulsive adventure trip... then it could be bunking conclaves... or sleeping through lectures after a night long ride to cross border...and back for attendance, we took it seriously...That was a while ago, now, we're just self proclaimed students of a continuously evolving way of life...


As a song goes...

Learn as if you're going to live forever

Live as if you're going to die tomorrow...


Our supposed second achievement after getting admission was getting out in two years with a highly paying job in big MNCs... How our dreams were coming true... we were brought up with a vision that ended there... we felt we were knocking on the golden gateways of the very originally Indian, edited and pirated version of the American dream... things were rocking.


Then it all began... The emptiness and loneliness of trying to settle down in different cities... Working for BIG MNCs... it was a mirage... This was not what could have satisfied a deep and growing hunger within us. It became a chaos engulfing days and months of talking to ourselves, scanning for radical and evolutionary perspectives everywhere... introspection... and a painfully built ability to listen to the human element inside of us.


The boundaries between when we're dreaming in sleep and when we are actively thinking awake become blurred and we find ourselves on a crossroads... where if we take a look at the path to the right... We know what standards have been set for us by attempts at our conditioning, and we refuse to be satisfied.


But if we really freeze our concentration on something static in this chaos, and stop knowing what's right, we begin visualizing the other sides and other dimensions... it's a long endless road into eternity... It's a narrow dirt road with hills and steep cliffs and oceans of deserts on both sides. Bathed in twilight like repetitive dusks and new dawns... With massive fogs and grey areas... and we can't see what might happen a little further down the road in that uncertain direction. This is when we see the helpless human element within us rise as an unstoppable force.


Right form the beginning... It's been the uncertainty that's been ironically guiding us patiently and purposefully...the more we get vague glimpses at our intended direction... the more things make sense. we were increasingly sure that we have to get off the highway of life... but how... We enjoy being thoroughly analytical... and after shuffling with uncountable ideas and crashing imaginations filled with tones of confusion... we found this way to break the dead lock... to go on a trip for a literal lifetime.


It was somewhere sitting on rocks in an ocean floor in a moonless night's low tide zone, we decided to do that we love doing. Free our minds of the fear, doubts and disbelief.


This means that we will either reach an evolutionary conclusion to our sacred and beautiful journey, or die trying but laughing away in all scenarios.


78 mm is mind's revolution on itself... it is a journey... a thought process... heartfelt anger... an infectious attitude... a stubborn original faith... it's will's hope ... it's invincibility. Some form or name of which already thrives in the deepest darkest corners of every human spirit.


Butterfly Effect

Setting the context for User generated Content on

The site is just a tool... in your hands...


    To connect... with a larger picture of life
    {Profiles - Friend lists and user groups}


    To Share heaven and fight for the claim on hell.
    {The spectrum of Light to extreme of adventures}


    To network with people you can create your wildest experiences with.
    {Get out there, pursue a unique trip idea}


    To seek and know the desolate and beautiful places in our great country.
    {Destination Reviews}


    To nurture a shared resource of relevant information
    {Every adventure is different from the others}


    To appreciate the value of true outdoors with creative photography


    To validate your observations of the deterioration of natural environment
    {Logs of ground realities and free minds}


    To shape your thoughts about an evolutionary leap for humanity
    {Understand collective consciousness for what it is}


    To leave an individual's mark about your interpretation of adventure
    {Help us build a monster out of the word. Adventurize it)


    To critically inspect the current fundamental basics of surviving as a human
    {Forums on aspects of sustainability and ecological economics... mere fundamentals}


    And to ask your selves what nature intends for us...
    {Powerful global issues and our take on them}



EvErY DeCLaraTiOn oF iNDePenDence... iS An aCt oF AdVenTure - 78mm


Infinity - The Vision

Alternate Lifestyles

We all have some idea... at least our version of it. Of what is right... or wrong...or right...or left of right, and every other possibility that excludes righteousness...


We knew it was right for us to become intellectually independent and analytical, and it was right to "make a living" by trading our time for money, most likely doing and knowing and sticking to common convention for the sake of a "secure" future. And then we saw the Possibilities of a future where our economic dependence on centralized systems of competitive consumption is no longer the norm.



Long Journey

It's hard to change perspectives, and dangerous to put too much energy into effecting desired change, especially when the intention of that change process is to control. If you happen to experience a cataclysm of all of life's hopes and dreams into a dark and devastated reality, and the scale of such an occurring hits all whom you know; somehow the only thing that keeps you going is a deep knowledge of something you can't admit to yourself yet.


This is because the process of its discovery is more sacred than the object itself. On this endless road, it's a misinvestment of time in "keeping" the faith in imaginary saviors or continuously screaming to complain. The only "alive" option is to move on.



Adventurous process

The actions we do in order to keep evolving, will often lead us into unknown and often unwelcoming turfs. We are then continuously and thoroughly stimulated to know, understand, decipher and capture the essence of all that we see and touch and breathe with. We would prefer it to contain a maximum of natural environment and ecologically aware, reformative people, but we're not counting on that naive theory. We might not come out of this in one piece, or maybe... just maybe... never want to return from this deliberately uncertain road.



Sustaining the insanity.

The mind of a comedian is a very cold and tough place. If we take some inspiration from the profession of humor, we have to first understand where the line is drawn... and then knowingly cross it... but NOT INTO unacceptable vulgarity from bawdy humor along with the trendy mainstream. The wisest way is to pointedly refer to the scariest version of the truth in that context. And continuing to non-cynically think of completely different ways in which to construct value systems, beginning with our own selves, and moving on to develop shared and community owned resources.



Making it Our Karma Yoga.

Once a ray of such cryptic and undetectable wavelengths fuses with our consciousness, and enables us to be strong enough to resist what is easy, we will do whatever it takes to enable the transformation of consciousness into a source of energy for the next wave of deliberate action in every waking and sleeping moment.



Getting Creative with expression and interpretation of our awareness

We openly and definitely follow what we visualize in the deepest realms of our imagination. At the same time we also pride our ability to listen purposefully and observe between the lines. Thus we shape entire sequences of channeled intentions into a niche basket of our combined mindframes overflowing of accurate awareness of our immediate future including our actions for it.



Networking along the way

Building human connections that surpass the need for mediated exchange of perspectives. Connecting people capable of critical thinking into a decentralized framework for pursuing and enabling the application of freedom for exploration and experimentation.



Butterfly effect with a thought process

In the End, 78mm lives on and we look ahead beyond this life and not back on it, With a deep knowledge of never having any regrets.

Alternative Events

If you are planning a trip to some obscure or alternate destination and are running short of the exact information, then the name of the game is 78mm. We are your one stop resource! You can ask questions in the dedicated forum topics and all the members will try to answer you and help you in as much as they can. Your giveback: An account of your experiences and your fun times on our site! Keep it rolling!


Want us to organize a trip with you the alternate way? The 78mm Adventure style? We ensure we make it the experience of a lifetime worth you with all our combined expertise. If you are a group of friends, bunch of adventurers or planning a company trip... contact us and leave it all to us thereon! We believe in delivering the best!


We don't appreciate mass tourism to commercialized destinations ...we can organize every thing as far as its alternative. If you are ready to experiment we are ready to change your perception of a trip. Explore, Dream, Discover!!!


Fixed Date Events

We organize quite a few fixed date trips (pre-planned and organized by us) especially for our community members, to some of the weirdest destinations of India. On behalf of all the members we organize, communicate and make it an open event for every one to join in. We do charge a nominal fee for our services.. trust us.. measure what we deliver and you will also believe the same.


Our latest event is - Himalayan Ecodrive


Our future plans range from Himalayan escapades to Sand dune camps including bicycling, trekking, safaris in a combination of landscapes and themed experiences in natural environments.






People Who have Experienced


  • If you dream it, you can do it! 78mm has provided a one of its kind experience each time!!

    Aneesha Gulati

    Senior Project Manager IBM

  • No power on this WORLD Can
    stop an IDEA
    Whose time has COME

    Jagrit Sharma

    HR Manager JK Organization

  • the spirit of freedom and celerity
    calls those who wana yahoooga..,
    m in...scream your free hearts out
    laides and gentelman..

    Anirudh Choudhry

    Vocalist at Mending Iris

  • High on Life !! Three words which aptly describe the 78mm experience,whether it be the
    unique locations ..

    Vivek Rao

    HR Manager Ashok Leyland

  • Few people carry a revolution
    within, 78mm is one brilliant
    catalyst to kindle it...

    Sandeep Tyagi

    ASM Idea Cellular

  • A man practices the art of
    adventure when he breaks the
    chain of routine and renews his
    life through reading new books...

    Prashant Teki

    Media Consultant New Delhi

  • My salute to 78mm Adventures...perhaps guys u don’t know what magic u r spinning!!!

    Ria Dasgupta

    Infosys Bhubaneswar

  • All the Best. Very interesting, have great potential and a very different concept. 78mm...

    Jagat Mohan Aggarwal

    Co-founder (M.D. Pioneer Group of Industries, Pathankot)

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